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Best Sellers

Game Of Skill Cherry Master Slot Machine

Game Of Skill Cherry Master Slot Machine

Price: $1,299.00

IGT Black Widow Slot Machine

IGT Black Widow Slot Machine

Price: $799.00

Antique Red Mills Golden Nugget Slot Machine

Antique Red Mills Golden Nugget Slot Machine

Price: $1,699.00

Slot Machines for Sale

March 15, 2013

We have extended the free Flat rate shipping through spring/summer of 2013. Flat Rate, $189 thats it! 


September 25, 2012

IGT Slot Machines for Sale

Feel free to call our 24 hour phone line today with any questions .Slot Machines for Sale is offering flat rate shipping of all slot machines at $189.
We offer IGT Slot Machines

September 20, 2012

Video Slot Machines for Sale

Slot Machine for Sale has refurbished  IGT Slot machines as well as all touch screen video Slot Machines.  All machines are highest quality, never cheap or "as is" machines.  Machines carry a 1 Year Warranty as well as lifetime 24 hour Tech Support.  Each machine has been completely refurbished in our own shop.  Pull arm mechanism has been completely rebuilt, broken glass replaced, any damaged reel strips repaired, and light bulbs are ensured to be in working order.  New and cleared EPROM have been installed.  
Every slot machine is equipped with a high security door lock and keys.  Machines also have a reset key for jackpots and a top candle/light
Each machine has passed our rigorous 35 point inspection.
Every machine comes with a 1 year parts warranty including all parts -- you pay shipping.
Access to 24 hour tech support by phone at (937) 510-7777.
Quick setup instructions and tips
Slot machines are packaged so they look just as they did when leaving our shop and shipping is insured.
No additional charge for crating.
Photos on request.

If wanting to buy used slot machines, IGT slot machines, antique slot machines, video poker slot machines, casino slot machines or any other slot machine for sale, we have great prices, service and lifetime support for every slot machine sold.
Every slot machine sold on this site includes a 1 year written warranty.  Call or order online.  Our goal is to earn your business today and see you as a repeat customer for years to come.

Since Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, slot machines have come a long way.  The original slot machines were called one-armed bandits as coins were dropped into the machine and the arm (lever) was pulled.  If the three reels did not line up, the bandit stole the coin.  If the reels lined up, the machine paid out money.  This simple concept and the one armed bandit are responsible for making Vegas what it is today.

Vegas slot machines are available in may different varieties.  It is still possible to locate the older style slot machines that use a lever and three reels.  These machines are similar in appearance to those used in Las Vegas' younger years; however, inside the machine is vastly different.  All new machines are computerized, offering audio and video.  When the jackpot is won the machines light up like fireworks in the sky
Buyers may choose the more modern version of the Cleopatra Slot machine.  This popular game plays with 9 reels at the same time.  If a certain symbol appears on any reel, the player receives 15 spins at no additional cost and the prizes are doubled.  

Another option is the video slot machine that tells a story offers multiple types of free and interactive play resembling a video game.  Other players enjoy video poker slot machines that do not play wit reels but deal cards to the player as if he were playing live poker.  Make a bet and the hand is dealt.  Discard any of the cards and they are replaced with new ones.  Combinations of jacks or higher mean the player wins.  The better the poker hand, the higher payout of the video poker machine.  

The introduction of video technology is very important to the high tech gambling machines of today.  Slot machines no longer have reels but are now virtual one-armed bandits.  The machines play the same way, but the options available on the video screen make for even greater winnings, sometimes several million dollars.  

While technology has changed the face of the games, the premise remains the same.  It is possible to win big money.  No matter what changes are introduced, nothing can ever replace slot machines, the one armed bandits or the fun of winning a jackpot of any size.

April 7, 2013

If for any reason you can not find what your looking for here we would also recomend looking at slot machines for sale or igt.

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