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Home Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular games in any casino, even though they have the lowest payback rate and earn the greatest amount of money for the owners of the casino when compared to the other games.  Many choose the slots because games are simple and machines can be started by touching a button.  In contrast, many of the table games have more complex rules requiring players to think quickly about the results of the play they are about to make.  The simple play of the slot machine means there is no thinking required.  In addition, there is no need for other human contact, making slots perfect for the shy individual who enjoys interacting only with the machine.  Some players use the slots as a way to pass the time.  Unfortunately, some become addicted to gambling, enjoying the machine far too much. 

Due to the fact that slot machine play is very enjoyable, many individuals want to own home slot machines for their own enjoyment.  With your own slot machine, it is possible to play at no cost anytime you want.  Thus the machines are an excellent choice for a game room.  Unfortunately, many states have outlawed individual ownership of slot machines, believing that the machines might be used for gambling or that owners may be interested in creating their own casino.  In some states, slot machines are allowed, if they are twenty-five years or older.  Thus, if the individual wants video slots, he or she is out of luck.  Only antique games with spinning reels are legal.  No individual ownership of slot machines is allowed in Wisconsin, Tennessee, South Carolina, New Mexico, Nebraska, Indiana, Hawaii, Connecticut, or Alabama.  In the states of West Virginia, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, Nevada, Minnesota, Maine, Kentucky, Arkansas Arizona and Alaska ownership of any type of slot machine is legal, including video slots.  The remaining states allow ownership of the machines, but have restrictions based on the age of the machine.

If you have decided to purchase a slot machine for home use, the next step in the process is to determine the best way to make the purchase.  When casinos buy new machines, they replace older ones.  Several dealers buy these machines and offer old slots for sale.  Searching the internet for used slot machines using Google is the best way to locate dealers and purchase one of these machines.  Some slot machines accept tokens.  These machines are legal for shipping to all states other than Louisiana and Colorado.  

When deciding the best machine for your purchase, create a list and a comparison sheet listing the pros and con of each machine under consideration.  Avoid buying the first machine to catch your eye.  In addition, owners will be glad they have purchased a service plan along with the machine.  Most modern slots need frequent maintenance due to the fact that they operate using sensitive electronics.  If offered the option of a one or two year service plan, opt for the two year plan to ensure the longest life of the  machine.  

Depending on the features of the machine you choose along with the model, slots can vary greatly in price.  Some can be picked up for a few hundred dollars while others are found in the thousands of dollars range.  Most dealers offer to customize machines before shipping.  
When selecting the best home slot machines to purchase, be sure to take time in making the decision.  It is well worth the wait to find the machine that is perfect for your needs.

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