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Video Poker Slot Machines for Sale |

Video Poker Slot Machines for Sale

Slogans such as "Experience Ancient Egypt's Mysteries" make it extremely difficult to make a wrong decision with Video Poker Slot Machines for Sale.  There are several options available for selecting a slot machine, so making the right choice can be overwhelming.  The Cleopatra game can bring your search to an official end.  

The icons for the game are based on the culture of ancient Egypt and include a hieroglyphic eye, scarab, sphinx and the queen herself to provide many hours of entertainment.  

This game has many very good features, but consumers may be interested in the style of play.  The slot features five columns and three rows allowing for 20 maximum lines of play.  It is fast paced and helps to keep players involved with several options to win.  Simply put, the additional lines provide more chances for winning and more fun, especially if one wins the Cleopatra bonus.  Spinning the bonus awards the player an additional fifteen free spins along with a triple the normal payout value.  Its actual value is based on the initial bet placed and the maximum as set by the casino, along with a minimum of one cent per line.  Players trigger free spins when the Sphinx appears anywhere on the game.  The symbol on two or more reels triggers a scatter award.  Additional sphinx symbols trigger more spins and a larger multiplier.  Two or more Sphinx symbols during bonus play add an additional fifteen free spins.

The Wild Cleopatra icons will replace any other symbol in the line for a win with a double payout of the normal winning line.  All five Cleopatra icons receive the maximum payout.  During free play, it is still possible to win the jackpot but it will not be multiplied.  The bonus round does still provide free winnings and wilds double winnings for an individual line in free play.  The big wins on the machine are easy and common for additional enjoyment.

Video Poker Slot Machines for Sale will change the future of gaming forever.  The exotic Middle Eastern music and guidance by the voice of the Queen helps to narrate the game while keeping players informed of new developments along the route.  This game is widely available, originating in Vegas and now available throughout both USA and UK.  It has grown in popularity to the point that versions can be found for internet play, allowing US players free play and UK players the opportunity to play for money.

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