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Antique Slot Machines |

Antique Slot Machines

The addition of a game room in the house can provide the added features of a pool table, big screen television and a wet bar to make the home a place that is more fun and entertaining for everyone living and visiting under the roof.  One of the popular features being added to game rooms in growing quantities is that of antique slot machines.  Although industry experts often claim any slot machine over five years in age is considered an antique, the antique slot machines actively being sought by people are those dating back to before 1950.  Such antique slot machines create a nostalgic flair for the game room and transport visitors to a time when walking into a casino meant hearing the whirring reels of slot machines along with the ringing of bells to indicate another jackpot winner.  

These antique slot machines were purely mechanical and a pull of the lever located to the side operated the machine.  While today it is possible to head to an online casino with a computer to play video slots, or insert a disk into your gaming system to play slots on the big screen, nothing compares to playing on the real thing.  Consumers will find many different variations of antique slot machines available that include a history of time spent in the most famous casinos in Vegas, Reno and other locations where gambling was allowed.  Such older style slots were created with much attention to detail.  These antique slot machines were added to the early casinos as crafted works of art.  They were far more than a simple steel box designed to serve as the housing for a gambling machine.  A quick web search will reveal many places dealing in antique slot machines and one of the first things noticed as consumers browse through the catalogues of available machines is the artistry that was involved, in the machine case, and even the faceplate and reel pictures that are featured.

Like many other items manufactured in this age, designers were true artists who strove to create machines that burned their image onto the customer's mind.  The machines were created before built in obsolescence and were expected to last and be used for many years.  In contrast, consider the slot machines being built today feature far less artistry and are expected to be replaced after a short time of use.  
The short attention span of players is leading casinos to find it necessary to continuously offer new machines for playing in order to keep them returning for additional play.  This has reduced the turnover rate for slot machines installed today for 2-5 years, after which the machines may be destroyed or refurbished and sold to a smaller casino.  

Individuals looking for antique slot machines for use in a home game room should If you are interested in antique slot machines for sale and home game room, take a good look at the variety of the antique slot machines from Slot Machines for Sale.  Each antique slot machine offered has been refurbished completely.  Castings have been plated in nickel or gold and mechanical parts plated to prevent rust or corrosion.  Every machine is lovingly restored to operate in a like new condition making it fully functional and providing the game room visitors many years of pleasure.

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